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Tips to avoid water damage in your house


Water can get inside your home in so many ways. But do not let a leaky valve or a faulty appliance ruin your day. We will tell you a bit more about how to avoid water leaks and to prevent repairs which can be very expensive.

Outside your home

Make sure you disconnect all the hoses connected to the piping system during the winter. Frozen water can cause benign problems like water blockage, to very serious problems like burst pipes and damage to floors, walls or even foundations. Gutters and downspouts are strategic places for water build-up, and if these are not set up or maintained correctly, you can expect water damage. You should remove any dirt or debris from your gutters at least every six months. You do not want blockage or overflow. Also, check the downspouts so the water can run freely, away from your home. Also, take care of your trees and shrubs. There is a possibility that their roots can cause damage to the piping system. Be careful where you position the vegetation.

Inside your home

Every home has water main. This valve regulates the whole water system, and it is always wise to shut down the water supply if you plan to stay away from your home for an extended period. If there is no water in the pipes, there is no chance of drips or leaks which can damage your home.


From time to time, have a look at the state of your appliances. Washing machines, dryers, and other appliances all have connections to the plumbing system and should be checked regularly.
As soon as you notice the first signs of water damage or even moisture build-up, call up the professionals. Do not postpone repairs, because any delay is bound to cause even more damage like rot, mildew and, eventually, structural damage. Be aware of the fact that your insurance will only cover sudden and accidental damages to your house. Any damage which is a consequence of a lack of maintenance is not covered by insurance.